Week 51

Hello beautiful people,
For the most part, it is all positive from my end !
I can’t believe that I am not in Crewe anymore. That was my home for six months and all of a sudden I’m not only serving in another area but another country. It’s quite surreal yet very refreshing. It is absolutely beautiful here; there are stunning views of quaint villages and rolling hills, however the Welsh language, I can’t. I will not even try to understand or pronounce anything. It’s deceiving. It looks like English at first glance, but then you take a second take and it’s definitely not. In contradiction, I am excited to receive a Welsh name tag though !
Nevertheless, although I miss Crewe, I am grateful for the fresh perspective and I see this transfer as one of growth. It really is an opportunity to apply everything that I have learned so far on a mission.
After many months of apostasy, I am able to participate in street displays in the city of Chester ! Sister Turnbull being Mads at heart, of course, I had plenty of strange experiences. Firstly, a lady came up to me asking to be baptised which I was so excited about, however she begrudgingly walked off as soon as she saw that I wasn’t representing the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Then, these two young adolescents decided to stand by me while proselyting, mimicking everything I said. If that wasn’t critical enough, I was verbally abused by Born Again Christians who specifically told me that I wouldn’t go to heaven. This is the conversation paraphrased:

Them: You are not going to heaven, you are a sinner who needs to be saved by Jesus. Christ.
Me: I think I am going to heaven.
Them: Why do you think you are going to heaven ?
Me: I am a good person who loves people.
Them: That will not save you. Hitler loved people, that doesn’t make him a good person.
Me: Did you just compare me to Hitler ?
Them: You joined a cult, not a church.
Me: Oh no. Well where do I go to church when I return to Australia ?
Them: Our church isn’t in Australia.
Me: Does that mean no Australians will go to heaven ?

I couldn’t make this up, and yes, I am cheeky as I responded with naivety and innocence. Also, it’s not like any of the Elders came to save me. They just watched them continue to use their doctrine against me. I’m not a scriptorian, and my wit isn’t biblically based, so I didn’t do very well.

Moreover, we have met some great new friends. In particular, a wonderful lady called Lisa who we met while tracting. I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer,  and I know as we exercise our faith, miracles can occur. Sister Nyoni and I began to tract a street, however, Sister Nyoni did not think to pray. I suggested it, but she said it was too late. I was firm in my idea, as I know that I can’t rely on myself in this work, but it truly is His work and His glory. I asked Heavenly Father for many things including a new friend, and we were blessed with one. Lisa seems golden. She asked if we could leave her anything to read, so of course, we left her with a Book of Mormon, a pamphlet and a Mormon.org card before our return. In fact, she was the one who insisted that we arrange a time in which we could share more about the gospel. Then, not long after meeting her, she texted us with her gratitude and how she will start reading the Book of Mormon before our appointment. This is the Lord’s work and each and every day I am reminded of that.

Have a wonderful week !

Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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