Week 73

Hello beautiful people,
It has been a week of holidays – Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day. This meant that for two nights this week we were required to be inside after 5pm.
Sister Wilkinson is very American and adores Halloween respectfully so. Therefore, unknowing of the rules, I let her dress up. Coincidentally in our flat storage, I found a witch’s hat which complimented Sister Wilkinson’s costume of a cat. Check out that companionship unity.
Fast forward, the Elders told me that my costume suited my personality. They are so lovely

Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire night is basically an excuse to set off fireworks in celebration of the safety of the King in 1605. Guy Fawkes was merely one of the men who tried to blow up Parliament and that is where the name came from. It is hilarious as it is not even named after the main villain. While the official day was Sunday, most celebratory events were on Saturday night, and I thoroughly enjoyed proselyting among bonfires, fireworks and the crowds of people.

Furthermore, I have exciting news.
Last year, on July 25th I wrote this in my email to President:

Ohhhhh ! And I can’t remember if I spoke about Isis last week. Isis (Zeta) is a young girl and the first person that I spoke at my first street display ! I walked up to her, spoke briefly about missionary work, transitioned into the Plan of Salvation, gave her a card and received her mobile number. Unfortunately, she is not in her area, but she lives in Wellington, so we were able to teach her first lesson before the Elders would continue. President, she is amazing. She is so studious when it comes to the gospel. She has so many questions, she loves the pamphlets and she researches. She is so fascinated by the golden plates and Joseph Smith ! So great ! She is only sixteen, and her father doesn’t sound like the most supportive, however, she seems like a golden ! She even told the Elders at her second lesson that she believes the things that we teach are true ! I am so grateful to have met her, and I know that the gospel would be such a blessing in her life. I worry about her family and all, but she is on so many of the missionary prayer rolls, so here is hoping that their hearts are softened as she continues meeting with the Elders. Love prepared people !
Anyway, she is being baptised this Saturday ! I can’t believe it. This has been a long time coming, but I am so grateful that I was able to be at the right place at the right time and to have the opportunity to follow Zeta’s journey. She is a true example of faith, persistence, and love for Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Moreover, the spiritual note.
I was reading a talk ‘The Hope of God’s Light’ by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

Isn’t it wonderful to know that we don’t have to be perfect to experience the blessings and gifts of our Heavenly Father? We don’t have to wait to cross the finish line to receive God’s blessings. In fact, the heavens begin to part and the blessings of heaven begin to distill upon us with the very first steps we take toward the light.
The perfect place to begin is exactly where you are right now. It doesn’t matter how unqualified you may think you are or how far behind others you may feel. The very moment you begin to seek your Heavenly Father, in that moment, the hope of His light will begin to awaken, enliven, and ennoble your soul. The darkness may not dissipate all at once, but as surely as night always gives way to dawn, the light will come.

I understand that I am not perfect, I make many mistakes and I have many weaknesses, but I know that the Lord is understanding and patient. He has a perfect, infinite, enduring, and universal love and therefore He has provided us with a Saviour in Jesus Christ who is our living hope.
This week I have particularly seen how as we begin to turn our hearts to God and take the time to address Him in sincere prayer, expressing our gratitude, our challenges, our concerns and asking for strength and support, that He truly will answer His children. Miracles have not yet ceased.

Ether 12:4,32 Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.
And I also remember that thou hast said that thou hast prepared a house for man, yea, even among the mansions of thy Father, in which man might have a more excellent hope; wherefore man must hope, or he cannot receive an inheritance in the place which thou hast prepared.

And my prayer is that I may always be able to see the Lord’s hand in my life as I strive to trust in Him and remain worthy of His promised blessings. Have a wonderful week !

Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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