Endowed with Power

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 marks the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and the date that the LDS Church was originally organised in 1830. Shamefully, this did not at all occur to me whilst arranging another one of my own saving ordinances, but it shall forever be the day I received my endowment.

Whenever I thought of the endowment ceremony, I always felt slightly overwhelmed as it was the unknown, however, the spirit will always be there to guide us. I knew that I would be focusing on how I was feeling in the House of the Lord, and not necessarily all the information. As much as I wanted to understand everything, I knew that it will come with time, as Heavenly Father will teach me the things that I am prepared to receive.

My only advice is to approach all new information and experiences with an open heart and open mind. 

It is amazing when we take the time to reflect upon all the blessings of the temple that we can receive, all because Heavenly Father loves us. Therefore it is of great importance to attend regularly and focus on the temple where we can receive and experience temporal and spiritual guidance, a greater understanding of the Plan of Salvation and direction to eternal life.

Moreover, one of the temple matrons took me to the sealing room – Sister Page who is a convert too. She was talking about the symbolism of the mirrors and how they represent your past generations and future ones, and how our choices and covenants we make affect more than just us. It was really an amazing thing to hear – how all the struggles we have as members are truly worth it for so many others.

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