Week 1

Hello beautiful people !
For those who weren’t at the airport, the most difficult thing was getting on the plane. Not because I was hysterically crying, but because my luggage was so overweight. I managed to get everything down to 45 kg, however, my fur coat will be sadly missed. Although, it was probably for the best aha.

It was so nice having Sister Tanielu with me once going through the international departure gate and being able to go through the emotions with someone who was going through the same thing. We couldn’t fully recognise that we wouldn’t be in Melbourne for the next 18 months, although it was exciting moving towards the unknown.

I am proud to say that I lasted the whole 22-hour journey without watching a single piece of media. It was so difficult that all I could do was talk to the people next to me. The first flight to Dubai, Sister Tanielu and I were apart but as it was a night flight, it was really easy to zone out. In Dubai, we met two more Sisters from Sydney, an Elder from Perth and an Elder from New Zealand. They are all lovely and although they are not in my district, it’s really refreshing to see them around the MTC, hear their accents and be on the same cultural page.

England is what you think it is – we have only had one day without rain. There is a joke among the missionaries that while we aren’t allowed to swim, we practically can, but we just call it walking due to the amount of rain we experience.

The MTC. The 16 hour days go by so slowly, however, it’s probably not necessarily the time but the spiritual progression. Every hour you are learning something new. Whether it is a new person, a new teaching skill, a spiritual message, or a prayer. I never went to EFY, but some say it is spiritually similar but without the fun. To those people: they obviously weren’t optimistic because, on a large scale, it is an amazing experience.

My district is the absolute best and I have really been blessed !! We are called the Moroni district and everyone is absolute gold !! We have already arranged a reunion in Hawaii when we are all off our missions and we were told off because we kept saying love you to the Elders and Sisters, vice versa. But it has been really nice being among a group of people with the same purpose. As a district, we always open personal study with a devotional – a hymn, prayer and spiritual thought. It is so uplifting and is always a great start to the day.
The people within my district are the following:
Sister Thompson from Utah, going to the England Manchester Mission. This is my companion, and surprise, she is from America. She is so sweet and we get along nicely. Although she is more introverted, we make it work and serve one another on a daily basis. I am known in the MTC as being the Sassy Sister, (Yes, I am definitely working on it aha), and she puts up with it and slowly and surely, her sass is being revealed. I am a bad influence.

Sister Jorgensen from Utah, going to the Scotland/Ireland Mission. So she decided to serve a mission because her patriarchal blessing told her that she would. At first, I was discouraged by this, but she tries so hard and talks with such sincerity. I know she will change more lives that she believes.
Her companion, Sister Christensen from Utah, going to the Scotland/Ireland Mission. She is awesome. Her grandmother is Australian and she actually went to the 2014/15 Perth Convention because she is family in Melbourne that she was visiting at the time. She is obsessed with Australia that even her pencil case is a souvenir. She is my translator though for all things American as I’m sharing a room with the above Sisters, all Americans, from Utah. Needless to say, I stand out.

Elder Winegar from Utah, going to the England Leeds Mission. He is so sweet and spiritually wise. We always tease him because he makes these lame jokes and then wrinkles his nose and says ‘just kidding’. Probably the catchphrase for these 3 weeks.
His companion, Elder Corpuz from the Philippines going to the England Leeds Mission. He is a firecracker. At first, he was quiet, but his personality is coming out each and every day. He speaks with such spirit and is the most humble.

Elder Brandao, or Elder Moroni. His name is literally Moroni – so fitting for our district. He is a visa waiter, going to the Utah Ogden Mission, but waiting in the England Leeds Mission. Originally from Brazil, but he lives in Manchester. Love the English sense of humour !
His companion, Elder Johansen from Denmark, another visa waiter for Provo Utah. He will be serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission in the meantime. These two, they really compliment each other as a companionship and are just a breath of positive energy.

I don’t have much time, but enjoy the photos and so long until next week !
I am aware there is nothing spiritual about this email at all but just know that as much as I miss all of you, that I am really enjoying myself and know that this is where I need to be.
D&C 138:56 – there are no real coincidences.

Love you all and have an amazing week !

Much love,
Sister Turnbull


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