Week 3

Hello beautiful people,
I’ll start with the fact that there will be no photos this week as I do not have access to an iPad until week 5, and I don’t have an SD card to USB converter. But the photos will be worth it – I promise ! Also, I have never had a good opportunity to email so I will hopefully have my full 2 hours next week.

Anyway, I have officially graduated the MTC and all I can say is that is was honestly an amazing experience. I have learned so much in three weeks than I have learned in the past two years. I will never forget the brilliant missionaries that I was able to learn beside and the friendships I have made. Although, I was deemed at the ‘rebel’, just because of my loud personality and the fact I wore a hat the looked like Stitch while studying. I might have made the teachers disappointed, but it put a smile on everyone’s face.I promise I’ll write more stories next week and include pictures.

After many hours of travel, three to be exact and a brief encounter with the England Birmingham mission, I have arrived in my first area of Wrekin. It is amazing here, and after hearing about all the potential investigators, I am excited to begin training with Sister Cannon. She is from Utah, but she isn’t stereotypical as they literally have just moved there. Yeah, she made me write that aha.
She is an amazing example and we have already started working on ways to improve my dignified language. I have really identified that my weakness is the word ‘cool’. In the mission we can’t use ‘guys’, ‘awesome’, ‘sweet’, or really anything worldly. I am going to come back with a voice that matches my educational status. Kidding. Nevertheless, we were lucky enough to have a tea appointment with a beautiful family from the ward – the Brownlow’s ! It was nice to discuss the area and to be able to have some recognizable faces at church on Sunday. The chapel is a 3 minute walk from our apartment and literally looks like a temple. I am so excited.

But I just wanted to end with the fact that I am truly grateful to be serving in the England Manchester Mission and I excited to work with all my heart, might, mind and strength. Have a lovely week and au revoir from the South xx
Much love,
Sister Turnbull

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