Week 4

Hello beautiful people,
Guess what ?! This Friday is the 15th and marks my one month mark. The time has gone by so fast.

I have attached photos of the Stitch hat that got me in trouble, and many of the lovely people of the Missionary Training Centre. I really miss the MTC and I was so blessed to have everything organised, that I was constantly learning, that I was around other missionaries and had so much support. I am now able to see how all the studying, role-playing and proselyting activities prepared me for the field, and I have great confidence that I can become a consecrated missionary.

As I mentioned last week, my first area is the Wrekin Ward, in the Telford area. It is considered to be in the Midlands and it is so green. We take public transport everywhere and it is so convenient ! At times, everything can be so overwhelming as the Missionary Routine is a lot to take in, but I have gained so much strength from being obedient to the schedule. I know that as the weeks go by, that I will become well adjusted.

At the moment we have a progressing investigator called Lawrence. He is 28 and from Birmingham. He is so witty and sarcastic and asks so many questions – reminds me so much of myself ! He is dated for baptism on the 23rd of July and I am really hoping that I’ll be able to resolve all his concerns.

I have gained a greater appreciation for anyone that has ever served a mission ! Missionary work requires so much diligence, patience, persistence and charity. YEAH, YOU GO YOU RMS.

My companion is Sister Cannon and she is the most obedient person. She wasn’t expecting to train someone with such a big personality that really wanted to be involved in missionary work as in the beginning she was shy and overwhelmed. I am trying my best every day to match her strict regime, although it is challenging ! I am diligent and productive, however, I am relaxed when it comes to self-evaluation. I constantly feel judged and misunderstood as she always criticizes me. In fact, I am struggling with accepting how I can lose myself in the work, but still be myself. We are very different people, but I know that with our different perspectives that we can be a unified companionship and I’m just making sure there is no contention. I am really learning about charity because where love is, the spirit dwells also.

On a positive note, I loved church on Sunday ! The ward reminds me so much of home and Lawrence came too !
I met a man who served in Melbourne Australia in 1998-2000 and he served in Moorabbin Ward !

I don’t have much time, but I hope you enjoy all the photos from the MTC, my first area, the chapel, the apartment and my companion.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull




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