Week 7

Hello beautiful people,
Can you believe we are now in August ?!
I am doing really well thank you, apart from the fact that I am sick with flu like symptoms. It’s okay though – the work must go on !|

Sister Cannon and I have been enthusiastic, hard-working Sisters who really care for the people that we have been teaching ! Although, as we are both perfectionists, we sometimes struggle with the key indicators that we are achieving. We have such a large teaching pool, however, none of them seem to be progressing as such.

The members in Wrekin are absolutely amazing ! We have had tea appointments every night this week and they love helping out the missionaries, especially the Sisters. When needed, they drive us, and today the Daniels Family are even paying for us to go bowling ! So lovely. Also, I have an attached a photo of our district. It was Elder Strebel’s birthday on Friday and so today we were able to go out to lunch to celebrate. From left to right: Elder Spies, Elder Strebel, Elder Bortone, Sister Cannon, Me and Elder Cowdery in front

Moreover, Dannii, a recent convert and less active member, she came to church this week ! I was so happy to see her there ! I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting about a topic that means so much to me – the Temple. I mentioned how the Temple makes me feel, the spirit that you feel, and she attributed that to how she feels when she is at church. Amazing ! I hope that we can help her get back on the strait and narrow path.
Also speaking of the temple, we met with another less active, Sister Wilson. The Sisters have been visiting her for quite a while, but on our most recent visit, there was progression. She has been offended in the past, however, she has such a strong testimony of the Temple. Sister Cannon and I have never been bolder. We even used Elder Bednar’s talk – Nothing Shall Offend Them. Sitting beside her, all I could imagine was her in white clothing, sitting in the Temple, grateful to be there. I really hope that we can be the two Sisters that can reignite that fire to get back to the Temple. Sister Wilson said that she would think about coming back to church, and she set her own commitment to search scriptures that related to the Temple.

Tom, a recent convert was able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood ! He was so excited and also it gave us an excuse to receive permission to take photos. So enjoy.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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