Week 10

Hello beautiful people,
I hope that everyone is excited that winter is coming to an end. Lucky for myself, Australia’s winter is England’s summer, so I am enjoying the cold, only for it to transition into colder and wetter weather. In fact, yesterday we were walking in our nice Sunday clothes when out of nowhere it just started heavily raining. Lucky for us, we were near a part-member family’s home and he let us inside. We waited for as long as allowed for the rain to stop, but of course, we are in England and this is the weather. They call it liquid sunshine… by they, I mean those missionaries from Utah. Nevertheless, I was able to borrow an umbrella. So I was so blessed to be able to walk the streets of Wrekin with my Frozen umbrella. However, I will never ‘Let it go’ how often it rains here.

My sincere apologies about the email last week – every six weeks we have transfers or the opportunity to change area or companions or both. Therefore my emailing day changes to a Tuesday on that week. Also I was super rushed and therefore wrote Week 8 again. I am definitely not counting the weeks.

Anyway, my companion is Sister Fernandez as I mentioned last week. My initial trainer, Sister Cannon was transferred to Hyde, Greater Manchester and so I am now being follow-up trained by Sister Fernandez. She’s British, so obviously great humour and really relaxed. Don’t get me wrong though, we are obedient and productive but enjoy ourselves. She was actually there with all the trainers on my first day in the field. Sister Fernandez and I met before I got assigned to my trainer and felt like we should be together. That didn’t happen but now we are together and
it’s great. We are immediate friends but work hard. We met and knew that we would serve together, we thought she would train me, however to everyone’s surprise it wasn’t meant to be. In fact, every week she would email our Mission President how we should be serving together. The emails are so dramatic because that is the person she is, and I will send them next week.

Everyone would get along with her back home ! – She is coming to Australia in 2018. So get prepared to meet her. She is 24 on the 16th September, Spanish and Peruvian nationality, English accent and likes Marvel, DC and Star Wars. Yes, she is engaged and will be wed on the 27th October 2017. Her fiancee is a convert too and is currently serving a mission in Portugal. She says that Latina rivalry is real.

Due to transfers we have a new district leader who is also serving in the Wrekin Ward. (The Wrekin Elders are in one of the photos attached). His name is Elder Helske from Finland. Of course he is Scandinavian, just look at him, but also, he was a Sniper in the Finnish Army. Crazy ! And Elder Bortone still remains.

To be fair, we haven’t done anything out of the usual but I look back and just smile at the past week. Missionary Work is so much fun and the people we have met are amazing. Also, we have a dinner appointment every night this week. #blessed

Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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