Week 11

Hello beautiful people,

Sister Fernandez and I are going strong, but also the work is getting really exciting. We decided to have a District Fast on Saturday for a baptism on the 17th September. We both have the faith and determination to achieve that, we are just looking for greater opportunities to teach those who are truly prepared for the waters of baptism. In fact, we decided to prioritise our investigators and to really focus on those who are progressing. Therefore, there were some people who we have stopped meeting with, however, we have greater opportunity to find those who are presently prepared for baptism. We spent some time sorting through the area book of former investigators and have some great hope in a few of the people who are eager to meet with the missionaries again.

Also, Missionary Matchmaker Mads is a thing. I am making millions of magical moments, memories and marriages in Manchester for both members and missionaries. I knew I was sent to the England Manchester Mission (EMM), also known as the Eternal Marriage Mission for a reason.

I need all of your help, the image below P8301439. There is a strawberry blonde bachelor that goes by the name of Tom Davies. He lives in Telford, his family is in the Wrekin Ward and he has just come back from his mission. He is 21, he served in Indonesia and currently works at the Preston MTC. His favourite colour is orange, Jasmine is his favourite Disney princess, he makes great pancakes, would like to live in Switzerland or New Zealand and Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough is a favourite.

The reason I know all of this is because he was kind enough to drive all the missionaries in the Wrekin Ward all the way to the Preston Temple as today was a Bank Holiday. AKA, he drove us 5 hours return.

Please email me back with any suggestions for potential dates ! Have a lovely week, enjoy the photos and limited time I had to email, and no, he did not approve this message.





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