Week 14

Hello beautiful people,

Sister Fernandez’s birthday went really well. She liked her present ! It all worked out in the end and it was really nice to be able to celebrate by going out as a district to the Harvester. There are some moments in the mission where it’s surreal you are serving as you end up having so much fun with quality people.

Spiritually, we had our zone conference which was very uplifting. I appreciated the training as they were on the Atonement and missionary work, and calling down the powers of heaven. The mission is undoubtedly hard, but Christ’s mission was harder. I need to remember Him and His atonement. I want to learn of him, his ministry and to learn of the finer details of his sacrifice. Therefore, I am studying the New Testament as well as the Book of Mormon to gain a greater understanding of Jesus Christ’s ministry and His atonement. I will never fully comprehend the pain and suffering that Christ went through, however, I am enjoying learning about the great man that the Saviour is and of his teachings.

Nevertheless, the work is slowly progressing. We are waiting to hear back from our new Bishop, Bishop Drury to decide if we can tract in Lawley. Despite this, we are slowly building up our teaching pool. At the moment, our most progressing investigator is our neighbour, Michael. We were able to share the restoration with him and he clearly felt the spirit testify to him of the truth. He was unable to come to church on Sunday, but we are hoping that we can continue to teach him.

And temporally, there was a festival at Iron Bridge as it was the 30th anniversary of it being a UNESCO World Heritage site. We had a street display in front of the heritage site which was aesthetically pleasing. The brochure claimed that there would be an evening water carnival with pyrotechnic canoes blasting flames. Sounds exciting, however, it was all LIES. I think Telford and Wrekin council ran out of money because there were one boat and one firework. More disappointment from England.

However, we were able to take some photos – so enjoy.

Have a lovely week and I’ll email you next week with transfer news !

Much love,
Sister Turnbull


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