Week 15

Hello beautiful people !

Sister Turnbull will be serving alongside Sister Fernandez in the Wrekin Area.

So basically, nothing has changed.

Therefore, my P-day is today and I get to email.

We received a referral from church headquarters for this man names Chris. His brother and sister-in-law are members of the church in Canada, and they requested missionaries on his behalf. He would love to learn more about the gospel and is working towards baptism, however, we still need him to attend church.

We have been truly praying about areas to find people, and the other night I felt really good about an area called Stirchley. We decided to act upon it, it was dark, it was cold and we knocked a few doors before we came across this young adolescent called Rachel. For the first time, a person let us in from the doorstep to share a message with them ! She is a strong Pentecostal Christian, however, it was nice sharing our beliefs and I know they felt the spirit. We showed pictures, videos and talked more specifically about the Book of Mormon. It was really nice, and her next-door neighbour Mary joined us also. They are our new friends for the week as we are seeing them again on Friday.

I really love this area, I love the members, I love my companion and I love my District. All is well !
I am so sorry that there aren’t a lot of photos as Elder Helske has all my photos – but here is a photo of Sister Fernandez and I with some of the young girls in our Ward. We were able to road trip with them to General Women’s conference last night and it was so nice. Forgot I was on a mission.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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