Week 16

Hello beautiful people,
This week I have officially finished training. I had this joke that now I would be the senior companion, but I saw the transfer board and I am still a junior companion. If I had my way, I would be trained again as Sister Fernandez and I need to be together for Christmas. We even have these beautiful reindeer glasses that the Mission needs to see. The photo is attached.

Update: We have a new Elder in our ward. His name is Elder Klitgaard and he is from Denmark. He has just come out of the MTC and he is just so prepared. He is here for the right reasons and turns 20 in a few weeks. Guess what that means ? No teenagers. For those who don’t understand missionary work, that is rare. It is even more rare that none of us are American also.

The quote of the week happened a few weeks ago, however it still comes up.

I’ll set the scene. It was a day of thunder, lightning and torrential rain. We had planned to have a street display as they are really effective in finding people to teach, however, no one goes outside when the weather is as dire as it was. We decided to pray in order for the weather to change and therefore we could have a street display, and amazingly it did ! We then prayed as a district to confirm if it was in alignment with God’s will, and the District Leader felt like tracting would be a better option. Sister Fernandez and I begrudgingly followed and walked by faith to Brookside with Elder Cumagun and Elder Kim. It was a very unsuccessful couple of hours and the whole time we knew we should’ve done the street display. Moreover, we were bitterly walking to the bus stop, Sister Fernandez fell and twisted her ankle. I thought it was hilarious, but she was in so much pain. I asked the Elders to help me, to help her and Elder Kim jumps back and immediately said ‘We can’t touch the Sisters’. Bless those young, awkward Elders.

On a spiritual note, General Conference was amazing !! I feel so privileged to live in a time where we can receive direction and guidance from men called of God. I felt like I received so much more revelation as I can not only relate it to my life as a missionary but the lives of others.

Also, I was so excited to hear a beloved Australian accent. The members of my ward literally could see the joy as I listened to Elder Meurs’ talk. He was great !

I really appreciated the talk given by Dallin H. Oaks involving our ‘great commission’. It is a commandment to participate in missionary work and it is a part of charity to share the gospel. I have realised how much of impact members have. It doesn’t have to be scary, but as we pray for opportunities and are guided by the Holy Ghost, we can invite those who are needing these truths in their lives. As Russel M. Nelson said, we are bringing joy. Joy comes from God and is for the righteous. Be motivated by the work of Christ !

Right now I am living by the saying Fourth Floor, Last Door.

I hope that you do too.

Much love,

Sister Turnbull





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