Week 17

Hello beautiful people,
I hope that you are enjoying daylight savings while I am saying goodbye to the sun in the early evening.

Today is P day and although I have gained greater humility, I am proud to say that Sister Fernandez and I have our routine down. Let’s begin. We wake up, exercise, have personal study, companion study, then we are obliged to clean the flat. Lovely. Next, we catch the bus into Telford Town Centre at 10:30am. We meet the Elders at the bus station and walk to ASDA. Of course, we need to take our complimentary travelator photo that has only become a thing as of last week, and then we are off. We try to get all of our shopping within 15 minutes, (today was a personal best of 12 minutes and we always beat the Elders), we then get the bus back to our flat while the Elders go to the chapel. We are in and out before we arrive at the chapel by 12:00pm, and we spend the rest of the time emailing, eating pizza and chips. Yeahhh, this is definitely missionary work at its best.

Sister Turnbull, Words of Mormon 1:7
Sister Fernandez, Mosiah 2:17
Elder Helske, 2 Nephi 31:20
Elder Klitgaard, Mosiah 2:41
– Enjoy our favourite scriptures as a spiritual thought aha.

So this week is actually so exciting ! We have some General Authorities visiting…

President Russell M Nelson, of the Quorum of the Twelve

Elder Donald L Hallstrom, of the Presidency of the Seventy

Bishop Gerald Causse, Presiding Bishopric

and  Elder Paul V Johnson of the Europe Area Presidency
Yes, potentially the next Prophet is visiting. Another miracle is the fact that we can sleepover in Chorley and therefore we do not have to wake up at 4am. Brilliant.

I am sure that I will have more to share next week, but I will leave on a hilarious note. This is what Sister Fernandez has said about me:
I haven’t spoken much about my companion and I just want to take a moment to tell you about her because she really has looked after me this week and she is just great. Sister Turnbull is just amazing and hilarious! Just a sneak peek into our time together. The other night before going to sleep we were just chatting about what turns out to be one of our favourite films…She’s the Man. We were talking about who our favourite character is and simultaneously we said “Eunice” hahaha it was brilliant (you will only understand this if you have watched this film if you haven’t, you should). Also this morning she came into the room (actually I’m typing this only 2 minutes after the event) saying how distressed she is that soon she is turning 23 (by soon, she means February 2018 haha)  because, in an episode of The Hills, Lauren Conrad turns 23 and she hasn’t “achieved nowhere near as much as her” haha after freaking out she turns to me and says “what does it feel like to be past Lauren Conrads 23rd birthday” hahahaha I’m obviously so old, she is saying all of this whilst being deadly serious haha. She’s a sarcastic Australian, made in Chelsea lover, the healthiest eater and an outstanding missionary. I wish I could just record some of the things she says because she is just so hilarious. She is consistently trying to find ways to come to mine and Aaron’s wedding as she will still be on her mission then and some of her escape plans are just insane. She is just so funny and I’m really grateful to her and for our friendship.

Miss you all, hope you have a lovely week.
Much love,
Sister Turnbull





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