Week 18

Hello beautiful people,
It’s yours truly, writing from the Wrekin Chapel with pizza and chips as per usual. The sun is shining today, however this week the temperature has really decreased. There has been fog and rain for the majority of the week and I am starting to wonder if I will even survive the winter.

This week has been an extraordinary week.

Firstly, President Ulrich allowed us to sleepover at the Chorley Sister’s flat. The two sisters are Sister Popa and Orleans and they are just amazing. They are very similar to Sister Fernandez and I as we all are pretty laid back personalities. It was definitely nice to sleep I assure you that Sister Fernandez and I didn’t take the privilege for granted !

On the Saturday morning, we had the opportunity to hear from President Russell M Nelson (President of the Quorum of the Twelve), Sister Nelson, Elder Donald L. Hallstrom (Presidency of the Seventy), Dianne Hallstrom, Elder Paul V. Johnson (Europe Area Presidency), Jill Johnson, Bishop Gerald Causse (Presiding Bishop of the Church), Valerie Causse, and Elder David P. Homer (Area Seventy). The England Manchester Mission was so blessed to hear from such inspiring leaders. We were even able to personally greet and shake all their hands. There were many great talks and counsel given but overall, there was a message of joy, love and repentance. I love hearing the testimonies of such divine examples of the church and to have received an apostolic blessing. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this experience.

I felt the spirit so strongly and it has reminded me how much joy this gospel has been in my life. One of the many reasons that I am on a mission is to share something that has brought me much joy, and amidst all the trials of my mission, I had forgotten that. Moreover, one of the Elders who taught me and prepared me for baptism (Elder Lau), I ran into him ! I had absolutely no idea and neither did he. He is originally from Hong Kong but had been studying in the United Kingdom, more specifically, in Bradford which is part of the England Leeds Mission. Coincidently, he was attending his institute class’s temple visit and saw a group of missionaries. He knows that I am serving, however, he came into the chapel and miraculously he found me. I was definitely stunned, but it was definitely something that I needed. It reminded me of my conversion, of all the spiritual experiences that I’ve had, and the love I have for missionary work. That was a tender mercy that was very much appreciated.

Secondly, the date on Saturday was the 15th October, which means my 4 month mark ! Woohoo

And if the day couldn’t get any better, it did. I received a care package from Andrea, also known as my mother. It was such an anticipated gift as we received a call from the Zone Leaders, in this case, Elder Van Dyken asking how we would transport it down to Wrekin as it was so large. One of the senior missionaries though that as Sisters, it would be too heavy for us to take. Luckily we have Elders in our area, and Elder Heske carried not only his suitcase but also the gift box for me. Don’t worry though, he has been rewarded with many Tim Tams. The Wrekin Ward missionaries are obsessed. Points for Australia.

Lastly, Stake Conference was also this weekend and I just want to leave you with the things that resonated with me, in particular, the love that God has for us. God is working for our ultimate success and therefore we are always rewarded for our efforts, especially our additional efforts. So keep trying, that is all that He asks.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull





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