Week 19

Hello beautiful people,
I’ll begin by saying the routine was changed today. This morning we climbed the Wrekin, which is a hill in Telford. It is about a 45 minute walk and it has a 4.5 star rating on trip advisor. Slightly high of a rating, but it was nice to experience some of the West Midlands fresh air. We had Joanne Davies drive us up, who is the mother of the ‘strawberry blonde bachelor’ that you might remember from a previous week. She would be a great mother-in-law for those who are still interested.

This week has been a very social week. We had a multi-zone conference on Tuesday, then I went on exchange in Crewe with Sister Steele. Wow, I realised how grateful I am for Wrekin.

Saturday was an adventure. The Elders received a referral from Church Headquarters for a lady in Bridgenorth that requested a blessing. Her husband wasn’t going to be home, so therefore they needed a female and asked if there was any chance that we could come. We decided that we could as it would be easier to get to our tea appointment with the Reynolds. Our area is geographically challenged, and the bus takes 1 hour to get to Bridgenorth. The Elders being Elders, didn’t prepare by searching the address and it was going to take a 2 hour walk. Luckily we were helping the sweetest couple, Rich and Melinda. He is British, she is Californian, and they have had many health difficulties during the past decade. Her blessing was beautiful. I could feel the love that Heavenly Father has for her. He loves us so much, and he just wants us to reach out. I definitely gained a greater appreciation for prayer.

I haven’t spoken about the Reynolds family before, however, they are great.
There are Martin and Maria, and they have four children. Lucy is studying at university in Leeds, Thomas is on his mission in South Africa, however, Emmett and Max are 17 and 14, and they have both promised me that they will serve their missions in Melbourne. They are one of my favourite families as we have tea with them fortnightly, and so naturally, they deserved a packet of Tim Tams. Not only that, I introduced them to Tim Tam slams. In conclusion, penguin bars are a disgrace.

On Sunday we wore red. Yes, that is a Sister Turnbull trend. Each Sunday or other meetings I arrange for my Ward or District, or even my friends in the mission to coordinate colours. Swag.
After Chuch we were invited to have dinner because in the south they call lunch, dinner. Weird. Moving on, it was with Colin Basford, his kids, Ethan, Lucas and Libby, also future Mrs Candy Basford. They are absolutely so sweet and we were able to play a sneaky game of Headbandz. For those who remember year 7 Mads, #headband_lover.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull




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