Week 20

Hello beautiful people,
Times have changed. Literally. Daylight savings has occurred, however, it does not mean that we have longer, sunnier, warmer days, actually, it means the opposite – shorter, colder, rainier, foggier days. I promise you that this is no holiday. In fact, today is Halloween and we have to be indoors from 5pm.

Tomorrow is November 1st and I am determined to begin the Book of Mormon again and to finish it by Christmas. I would like to invite you all to do the same. As missionaries, ultimately our purpose is to invite others to change. I have such a strong testimony of the change of heart that occurs when we pray, read the scriptures and attend church. I want to be my own best investigator, I want to diligently read and relate the book of Mormon to others more powerfully, yet simply. This will only come through a greater understanding of the Book of Mormon. In fact, I have recently been highlighting the verses I highlighted when I was investigating the church. The verses highlighted always reflected questions of the soul like: Aren’t there many ways to God ? Why do bad things happen to good people ? Are there any miracles ? What is the gospel of Jesus Christ ? How can I know the Book of Mormon is true ? How can I get rid of feelings of guilt ? And so forth. I know that as I study the Book of Mormon, I will be able to testify and help those who are seeking the truth. There is always an answer that a person is looking for.

On another note, this week we had a Halloween themed ward activity, ‘Trunk or treat’. Basically, it is trick or treating, however instead of going door to door, it is trunk to trunk. Or car boot if you are not American. We weren’t allowed to dress up, however, we were able to indulge in the pork baps, galaxy hot chocolate, cupcakes and sweets. Not a bad Saturday night for the mission.

Also, this week was Elder Helske’s 23rd Birthday ! #woohoo
I love celebrating missionary birthdays. Obviously, we organised a card, a Jack Wills toiletry bag, and millions of McDonalds vouchers. Because on a mission, we broke. He also received a special package of Krispy Kremes from America which Sister Fernandez and I personally delivered for him. Yeah, we call ourselves BAE Birthdays, as in before anyone else, as in before anything else on the mission, because we prioritise birthdays. Elder Klitgaard’s birthday is next transfer, so here is hoping that we are all still serving together in Wrekin.

My prediction is that Sister Fernandez and I will be split up. We even have testimonials to prove why we need to continue serving together. On the 17th August 2016, President Ulrich, my mission president replied to one of my weekly emails with”I was so excited to receive your wonderful e-mail! You are a powerful companionship.” Moreover, my mother Andrea wrote, “I actually won’t be happy with the President if he splits you up please tell him that.” Unfortunately, that means nothing. I will let you know the result next Monday or Tuesday.

Until then,
Much love,
Sister Turnbull






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