Week 21

So, I think the best way to describe transfer news is to sing a song.
I’m just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. I took the midday train going to Manchester South.
That’s right. I am a horrible lyricist, and I will be leaving the small town of Wrekin and heading to the big city  I will be in a ward with 6 sets of missionaries, my mission president and his wife, and the assistants to the president. I will be watched like a hawk.

Another note, you may remember Chris from week 15 of my emails. Well, on Saturday he was baptised ! It was so exciting. Background, Chris was a referral from his brother who is a member in Canada. Key to his conversion was his desire to be happy. Chris has gone through such a change during the time we spent with him. It is amazing to see how the spirit works. Chris was one of those people who had just been so prepared by the Lord to accept the Gospel of our Lord.

Anyway, today is short email day. I will update you all properly next week.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull







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