Week 22

Hello beautiful people,
So this week I have been living the high life, being in the city and all.
Wrong. Let’s start with transfer day…
The mission forgot about us. Sister Keck and I are whitewashing a new proselyting area within the Manchester South area. We didn’t have a phone, keys or any indication of where we should go and therefore stayed at the chapel until someone remembered us. Luckily, we weren’t the only ones and we were able to be forgotten together with Elder Korth and Elder Kellogg. It was fun serving with them for the afternoon.

Furthermore, we were not made aware of the fact that we would be moving into a flat that is new to the mission. We have replaced a set of Elders as this new flat specifically wanted Sisters. I don’t know why I was chosen to give this great first impression. Anyway, our
Mission a President doesn’t like more than one companionship in a flat so we were asked to move in. Well, the flat was definitely not ready. All the furniture was there, but it was all in flat packs. Sounds easy right, just build and assemble ? I wish. For some reason, we actually need tools that we do not have. So we have been chilling in a flat with flat packs and sleeping on mattresses on the ground. The mission definitely keeps you grounded.
In addition, we have had a few issues with the hot water, heating and general living necessities, however, it has been liveable.

We are in a great are called a Sale in Greater Manchester. It’s actually so nice and it has a canal that runs through the town. We are close to the centre for street displays, a library for wifi and teaching, close to public transport and many streets that have not been tracted. There is so much work to be done !

On Friday it was Remembrance Day which meant more than just wearing a red poppy pin. Our Sunday service included talks from those who have served in the armed forces or those who have been affected by the service of others. It was lovely to remember those who sacrificed themselves for peace. In fact, I was able to draw a parallel to Jesus
Christ. He is also known as the Prince of Peace – he sacrificed himself so that we may be able to overcome death, have second chances and experience everlasting joy.

That is all for this week, stay warm.



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