Week 22 Part II

Today wasn’t the typical P-day routine that we are all used to. Therefore, it probably wasn’t an email of quality. I mean, where were the stories ?

I shall begin.
Last Monday, Sister Fernandez and I parted ways on the best note. We took a taxi thanks to the wonderful Andrea. Why ? Because the previous Assistant to the President stressed us out and we wanted to arrive at the Mission Home on time. Did we do it ? No. We were 10 minutes late and I lost a wheel off one of my suitcases. Nice.
Upon arrival, I was assigned to be in a trio with Sister Bennion and Sister Johnson. We were given the task of making our way to the Manchester YSA Ward for the FHE. We walked for 40 minutes in the pitch black, F R E E Z I N G cold, only to have realised that we had gone the wrong way. However, there was a tender mercy. A random lady by the name of Zara drove us to the bus terminal. She had never met missionaries before, but she definitely has now because she just let three randoms into her car. There are definitely some good people out there.

Also, crazyyyy. Do you all remember Elder Moroni/Brandao from my MTC District ? Well, Manchester South is his home ward. Small world eh ?

And now, the moment we have all not been waiting for. I introduce you to the Manchester South District, minus the Assistants to the President because they don’t have time for fun.
From left to right: Elder Andrade, Elder Douglas, Elder Rodriguez, Sister Stapel, Elder Fernandez, and no, he isn’t related to my former companion, Sister Limb and Sister Keck.

You’ll be happy to know that we had a birthday on Sunday – Sister Stapel and I was able to organise a card for her, plus a few sweet gifts. Manchester South definitely has its perks as I was able to get Sister Ulrich, our Mission President’s wife to sign it. She also said that I could be in charge of the Mission Birthdays. I think she was joking, however, I don’t understand American humour, so I’ll be taking it literally. I look forward to keeping you updated on the next Birthday surprise. It is Elder Andrade’s on the 19th of November. #BAEBirthdays

Much love,
Sister Turnbull




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