Week 23

Hey ohhhhhh, listen what I say ohhhhhhhhh
I got your hey oh, now listen what I say oh.
For those who aren’t Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, that is ‘Snow’ and we had some this week ! I exclaim, F R E E Z I N G. However, there has been sunshine and rainbows, literally. Bipolar Melbourne has definitely prepared me for Manchester.

Update, our flat has made some drastic improvements; we are now sleeping on beds, have hot water and the flat has been dedicated. Now, it is time to decorate. I have already put up this cute £5 Christmas Tree to get into the festive spirit. I am really excited for Christmas, and I am making sure everyone is as enthusiastic as I. The Manchester South District has 10 missionaries and therefore more people to get involved – Secret Santa aka Kris Kringle has begun. We have our names, we have the date of exchange and I will let you know the outcome later on.

OHHHHH and here is the miracle story of the week. On Friday, I lost my wallet with literally my whole life in it. Exaggeration ? Maybe, however, try having no money for a weekend. I told my Mission President and he assured me that I would get it back. But my impatience and realism didn’t understand how he could promise me that. But get this, after an hour and a half of calling I managed to get a hold of a bus depot that has it ! Hallelujah ! Another testament to the good people that are of the world. FAITH.

I know that you all miss Sister Fernandez, but I promise you that she is still around. I have probably contacted her way too many times in the past week, and I have even been denied contact aha. Those Assistants to the President, they claim they aren’t phone Nazis. Anyway, shout out to her. She is great, she has a beautiful trainee and she is still in the blessed land of Wrekin.

On a missionary note, let me quickly go through the missionaries who are in my district.
The Assistants to the President, Elder McDowell from South Africa and Elder Atkinson from Utah.
Elder Andrade from Idaho, but he is Brazilian. He actually is from my MTC group, so he has been out as long as I have. You may remember that it was his birthday this past week, and our whole district came together and bought him a card, chocolate and a watch engraved with ‘Elder Andrade Manchester South’. #BAEBirthdats His companion is Elder Douglas from Canada. Fun fact, he is a convert of a year and a half.
Elder Fernandez from Las Vegas, Nevada, He is not related to Sister Fernandez, however, he might as well be as they are both great. His companion, Elder Rodriguez from Arizona. They are what we called ‘Delivery Elders’, or logistic Elders. I still don’t understand what they do, but they did build our beds.
And last but not least, the other Sisters, Sister Stapel and her trainee, Sister Limb from Utah. I’ll try to get a photo for you all today !

By the way, guess what is this week ? Thanksgiving ! An American holiday to celebrate the Pilgrims. I know what you are thinking, why should this matter, I am in England. Well, as mentioned previously, I am serving in the homeward of our Mission President and his wife, and they are both American. So, we have been cordially invited to attend a Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home with our district. It’s actually hilarious as Sister Keck and I are the most un-American companionship. Every other companionship has at least an American. Nevertheless, we are excited about a tea appointment.
Moreover, I hope that you take the time to write down the things you are grateful for and take the time to understand what the pilgrims actually did. Then, if you could send that to me, that would be great as I can’t actually google it with the mission rules and all.

Much gratitude, (See what I did there)
Sister Turnbull







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