Week 24

Happy Thanksgiving beautiful people,
Firstly, I just want to say how grateful I am to have all of you apart of my life. You have all inspired me and been examples in different ways and I am so lucky to have met you all.

This week I was able to experience my first Thanksgiving… in England. So random. It was the best Thanksgiving ever and probably the only one that I will ever experience. Did you know they have thanksgiving songs that they sing ? Yeah, I hope that you don’t know because they are morbid. There is one about killing a turkey…
Nevertheless, it was nice to be with all the district. I made the Manchester South District colour coordinate in black and white. They may not enjoy it, but I don’t care – it makes me smile.

Backtrack, last Pday, as a district, we did 2 hours of service in mission storage. We had the opportunity to sort through all the clothes and find things for the missionaries who aren’t so prepared for winter. I actually really enjoyed it and managed to pick up a pair of Hunter gumboots, a beanie and an ugly Christmas sweater. Let’s be honest, it was practically shopping.

Before I forget, I want to tell you about two friends of mine that I absolutely adore. They will no doubt be friends of mine for life. Matilda, 42 and her daughter Lucia, 15. They both attended church yesterday and felt good about the service and the classes. In fact, Lucia loved young women and would like to come next week. For herself, Matilda has a great understanding and testimony of the priesthood, however, it doesn’t connect to being baptised into our church. That’s okay. We fasted for her and her daughter, we know she is spiritual and is hoping that the spirit will soften her heart and help her to have a greater understanding. She mentioned about our temples and said that someone in her life told her to centre herself on the temple and it made sense when she mentioned it, so we are just trying our best to help her to realise that this is the truth she is searching for. I have the faith they will be baptised, I just need greater guidance from the spirit in order to understand what I can do.
I may be teaching them more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, however, they are teaching me so much. I am constantly reminded of the relationship I had with my mother at that age, and to realise how far we have come, and how much love and appreciation I have for. Shout out, I love you Andrea.   
Moreover, Lucia and I have so much in common, in fact, she is probably me at that age. She loves cooking, travelling and even is a Drake fan. So great. Matilda said that she could be baptised, however, she wants to pray for the date. I really just love them both so much and want them to receive all the blessings of the Restoration.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull




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