Week 25

First things first. I am still the same old Mads. Last Monday, I needed to cheer myself up so I decided to wear my leather jacket. It was soooo refreshing to feel like myself, and I think I still looked professional. In fact, more people probably spoke to me as I looked normal. Love the Sister Missionary dress attire.

I have attached a photo featuring my beautiful companion, Sister Keck.
~ I have realised that I haven’t mentioned her that much, if not at all after the devastating loss of Sister Fernandez, but she is great. She is 28, from Switzerland and therefore speaks French, German, English, and oh wait, plot twist, she is half Chilean and speaks Spanish. It’s nice to have google translate in a form that doesn’t require wifi.

Update on the weather: It is still f r e e z i n g. The heating in the chapel needs to be serviced and therefore on Sunday, it was like being in an igloo. So we only had one hour of church. English weather problems.

Ohhhhhh and get this. We did a street display in Altrincham with the Assistants. It was actually really positive and the whole time I had people to talk to. My approach was just handing out a card, and asking people to go the website and watch a video and text us with their thoughts. You know, keep them accountable and all. Anyway, we received texts in the evening from these people that I had spoken to. Success ! No. Think again. They clearly didn’t understand my intention or purpose. A sixteen-year-old boy called Uber texted ‘You got snapchat?’, another friend Kieran began discussing my accent and when I suggested if he would meet with missionaries, he said ‘missionaries lol what’s that in Australian terms’. LAME.

What else happened this week ? We had the Relief Society Christmas party which was adorable. Everyone wore Christmas sweaters. They asked Sister Keck and me to be judges, however, I was definitely unqualified for such a task. We all know that in Australia we do not wear Christmas jumpers, so I went for the safe choice. There was a quiet yet sweet elderly woman who wore a jumper with Santa and a dog in a car. Just imagine that. You’re welcome, I’m sure the imagery in your head is as amazing as it was.

Also, I was finally able to attend the Mission President’s fireside !!
It is held in the chapel that I attend every week, so it was only fair that I could go. It was very uplifting to hear the pure testimonies of recent converts. It definitely is a driving force for all who attend and it is nice to
Another positive, our district finally did something exciting for P-Day.
We all went to Manchester and I loved it. It reminds me a lot of Melbourne,
Also, *shout out* to Becky ! She is a member who is just so normal. Basically, you would all enjoy her company. She’s tall, she’s blonde, but most importantly, she is hilarious. If I could voice record her stories and send them, I would, but I can’t voice record due to mission rules, so you will all just have to wait until she comes to live with me in Melbourne. You’re welcome.
P.S Secret Santa is tomorrow, so I am excited to update you all next week.

2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5, not only is it week 25, but the church has a creative Christmas incentive to encourage the world to serve others in 25 ways over the 25 days in the lead up to Christmas. It’s actually a beautiful video and allows us all to be charitable and giving, to imitate Jesus Christ. It is through these acts, that we can #lighttheworld. https://www.mormon.org.uk/christmas

Mosiah 16:19

He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.

As an almost district (minus one companionship), we were able to serve the community by picking up rubbish around a local area. We were with a member, Gabriela whom one year ago moved to Manchester from Bolivia. She is so sweet and always thinks about others. In fact, she even gave us soft drink and ice cream as a token of her appreciation. In Australia, we call this a ‘spider’, yeah, not good for our reputation at all. Nevertheless, it was soooo nice to be in comfy clothes. We even went for a sneaky hot chocolate afterwards. Blessings.
Until next week
Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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