Week 26

Hello beautiful people,
I am sorry that I forgot to mention that this weeks is transfers. That is the reason you are getting such a late email, also we were driven to my new area by the Senior Self-Reliance Missionaries and they wanted to stop at the Harvester for lunch. We then proceeded to face all the traffic and therefore we needed to extend our P-day.

Long story short, it was a last minute decision but I’ll be having a Crewe Christmas with the beautiful Sister Steele from South Africa. The whole transfer I was definitely missing Wrekin, however I did gain a love for Manchester South. Although it was only 5 weeks, the people I met were amazing and it was challenging to leave. Here is hoping that I will return in the future.
It was even more difficult to tell my friend Lucia and her mother, Matilda that I would be leaving. However, I will be able to attend her baptism on the 14th January. I am so excited for her, she is like my little sister and it is extra special as I was baptised on the 14th also. Keep her in your prayers ! I have attached a photo of the baptismal calendar that Sister Keck and I collaborated on. I am really going to miss Sister Keck ! She is such a beautiful woman and strong missionary. I would’ve loved to serve another transfer with her, however at this time, this change needed to occur.

Nevertheless, this week was a lot of fun. Secret Santa was executed perfectly. I know that you all probably don’t remember all the missionaries’ names, however let me just write the outcome for my own memory.
Elder Fernandez had Sister Limb.
Sister Limb had Sister Keck.
Sister Keck had Sister Stapel.
Sister Stapel had Elder Douglas.
Elder Douglas had me, Sister Turnbull.
I, Sister Turnbull had Elder McDowell.
Elder McDowell had Elder Andrade.
Elder Andrade had Elder Fernandez.
Elder Rodriguez and Elder Atkinson had eachother.
It was tough at times to organise, but it seemed like it was a successful district activity. I am definitely going to miss them all however, I am going to try to implement it into the Crewe District. I have 12 days… Christmas is so soon !

Ohhhhh and I was able to go on exchange with my fellow Australian, Sister O’Riordan. Oh my days, it was so much fun and so surreal to think that we went from Mission Preperation Class to actually getting lost in the streets of Stockport. I love her so much and she is an amazing Sister Training Leader. Enjoy the photo as I had to get special permission to take it. You’re welcome.

Until next week,
Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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