Week 27

Hello beautiful people,

I hope that you are having a good week. Not much to report here as we had to use our Pday organising a skit… yeah, not easy to get a group of missionaries of the Newcastle Zone to collaborate on. I will report on another day. On a positive note, I was able to skype Sister Fernandez. *shout out*

The area of Crewe has the most amazing members. They really make the effort with missionary work – they understand the importance of reaching out to less actives, of fellowshipping and they invite their friends to events. It’s amazing. There has been a change in Bishopric so it will be great to see the positive changes that will be implemented into the ward. Also, I am very lucky to be in Crewe for Christmas as they really do take care of their missionaries.
The one weakness of this area is the public transport. Therefore, it takes over an hour to access some of our proselyting areas. I am still prayerfully deciding and coming up with creative ideas into how we can reach these areas in less time. This transfer I want to use time wisely and be effective. I am probably just complaining as the winter cold is beginning to affect me. I know everyone, look outwards, focus on others, think of the weather in Melbourne. In short, all is well.

Moreover, if I don’t email before Sunday,




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