Week 42

Hello beautiful people,

I hope that you enjoy the photos this week. Sister Mike and I definitely do not look like your stereotypical Sister Missionaries, and that is what happens when your companion is an artsy photographer. Check out her instagram, lazulimike. I haven’t seen it, but I hear it has a good following.

Since Wednesday, I have been given a challenge to only say positive statements and accept compliments. It sounds easy but it requires changing my mindset and breaking the barrier between myself and others. In fact, as I have been attempting this, I have seen my perspective change. I am feeling more optimistic about missionary work and am really putting in the effort to fervently pray, to read the scriptures and reflect so Heavenly Father can continue to bless me with a change of heart. My focus needs to be more centred on the Saviour and not myself. I realise each day how grateful I am for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am not a perfect missionary by any means, I make many mistakes, I am weak and simple, but I have the knowledge and power to start anew every morning.

This week was General Conference and in true, Sister Mads style, I got all the missionaries in the North of the Newcastle-under-Lyme zone to colour coordinate. On Saturday we wore red, and on Sunday we wore blue. Now, I am not sure how many of you took notice of the Mormon Tabernacle choir but they got the memo. #inspired

Sister Mike and I were given a lift with the Elders by Andy and therefore, decided to attend the Priesthood session of Conference because that would be the most productive use of the Lord’s time. Wow, the reception was great. We walked in with a fellow Sister from another ward, and those Brethren definitely did not want us there. I can see why, but what else could we have done ? Also, I think it’s important that as women of the church, we understand the counsel given to those Priesthood holders as we are literally set apart and hold keys from that same authority. Bless, and wasn’t that relevant that President Thomas S. Monson would talk about charity, love and kindness…

A quote that really stood out to me from the Priesthood session was from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Although it is in regards to the brethren, I really felt as though it applied to missionary work. He said,

Let us serve others humbly—with energy, with gratitude, and with honor. Even though our acts of service may seem lowly, modest, or of little value, those who reach out in kindness and compassion to others will one day know the value of their service by the eternal and blessed grace of Almighty God. 

Have a wonderful week, don’t look around, look up to Jesus Christ. – Yoon Hwan Choi

Much love,
Sister Turnbull





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