Week 68

Hello beautiful people,
Firstly, Sister Wilkinson and I are sitting in a Grade I listed building for architectural and historic interest. I’ll attach the picture below; it’s actually such a beautiful place.It hasn’t been the best lead up, but it is transfer week !
If you have read my previous emails, you will know that this means that transfers did not affect us, but I hope you enjoyed the dramatic effect which insinuates an exciting change. But no, I am staying in Chester which is a tender mercy.It’s an exciting time as the work is really progressing. A highlight was the wonderful lesson we had with a young man by the name of Chris. He is seventeen years old and he is so spiritual ! We brought Dominique and Adam of the Chester Ward to fellowship, and it was really positive. He understood our message and accepted the Book of Mormon. And as of today, he messages us saying ‘the more I advance into it, the more I kinda understand. So yeah it’s a good feeling’. It’s really exciting as we met him through spiritually being drawn to tracting his small street. Please pray for him !

On another spiritual note, it was General Conference weekend which I was very grateful for. It made the anticipation of transfer news less daunting, however, I was slightly frustrated by mine. I expected a change of some sort, but as I walked into the Saturday Afternoon Session of Conference, many of the talks were about pride and humility. My reaction to the transfer was very prideful as I couldn’t understand the will of the Father. I don’t have many transfers left and therefore the impact that I have and the lessons that I learn are very much preparatory to returning home. Furthermore, I was rebuked and learned so much.

Firstly, I realised that humility and conversion are parallels. You can’t fully be converted without completely turning your heart to God, which is a lifetime pursuit.

Elder Quentin L. Cook said:

Humility isn’t some grand identifiable achievement or even overcoming some major challenge. It is a sign of spiritual strength. It is having the quiet confidence that day by day and hour by hour we can rely on the Lord, serve Him, and achieve His purposes.

I was surprised with my transfer call, but have seen over my conversion, and my mission how Heavenly Father has been involved. I need to consistently trust, turn to him and ask ‘What lack I yet ?’. A challenge in the mission is merely a learning opportunity.
I’ve been prayerfully studying and annotating the Book of Mormon, and I have learned many lessons, but there is a revelatory lesson I have learned from Joseph Smith’s History in the introductory pages. He truly is an example of blind obedience; he did all that was commanded of him and although he didn’t know what was to come, [He] ‘soon found out the reason’.
We don’t always understand the circumstances brought upon us, but I can testify that upon reflection we can see the Heavenly Fathers hand, and if we don’t fully comprehend why, I am sure that all will be revealed in the eternities.Elder Ronald A Rasband taught:

Significant events unfold in the gospel and in the Church that further the kingdom of God on earth. They are not by accident but by God’s plan. …

 … What may appear to be a random chance is, in fact, overseen by a loving Father in Heaven. … The Lord is in the small details of our lives, and those incidents and opportunities are to prepare us to lift our families and others as we build the kingdom of God on earth. …

This transfer is an opportunity to grow spiritually and look extrinsically. I am going to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father and see His divine strength and guidance in each day. I’m going to be able to apply many of the Christlike attributes and continue to seek, learn and become like the Saviour. I am going to be able to serve the members who I love so dearly and to get them involved in this great and marvelous work. Ultimately, I am going to continue to ‘forget myself and go to work’.

Moreover, I have definitely seen the Lord’s hand in my life this week as I lost my camera AGAIN. But don’t you worry, it was returned as somebody handed it in. My faith in humanity is increasing at the same rate as my faith in Jesus Christ.Also, shout out to four of my wonderful companions of which have completed their missionary service. Sister Cannon. Sister Keck. Sister Steele. Sister Suzarte. I love you all so much.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull



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