Week 78

Hello beautiful people,
I can’t believe it, it is officially my last week in the mission field ! It doesn’t feel as though I’m going home, I don’t really want to acknowledge it, but I’m just taking it day by day and enjoying the privilege I have of sharing the restored gospel.

This past week has been eventful. Firstly, I had my last exchange with Sister Dunlavy in Chester. I am going to count Sister Dunlavy as my unofficial companion as was probably one of my favourite exchanges. Sister Dunlavy is from Grantsville, Utah. She was born on the 23rd October 1997. Her interests include photography, videography, makeup, clothes and Mexican food. Today she is looking super fly with her matching beanie and lipstick. Basically, she is me, but better.

During our exchange, we attended the Relief Society Christmas Activity where we made Christmas trinkets. The Zone Leaders have been very difficult as of recent, so we decided to make them the mason jar lights of which one said ‘Be Merry’. We are yet to see them lighten up. #chairty

Secondly, we had our interviews with President and Sister McReynolds in Runcorn. President says I have calmed down, in which Elder Ogbeide replied with the fact he has just learned to say yes to me. Although slightly offended, he’s probably right.
Thirdly, we have had several SNOW days. The best thing is, although unexpected, I have been prepared. Last year I bought snow boots in Canada for the Canadian winter and so I decided to take them on my mission. For all those who laughed, I’m the one smiling as for the last couple of days they were very much needed. There was at least a foot of snow, there were blizzards, and it was to the extent of church needing to be cancelled as the weather and the roads made traveling dangerous.
I’ve already written a quick bio about Sister Dunlavy, but now it is time for the last spotlight on companion #14, also known as Sister Rachel Lois Arthur.
She was born in Asamankese, Ghana on 13.04.2017, which I have memorized as I’ve had to communicate her date of birth to various medical practices throughout the week. Unfortunately, she has been injured for the past couple of transfers and she is yet to recover, but I can honestly say that despite these challenges she is very determined to work with a smile on her face, and she truly does radiate light to all those she comes into contact with. Moreover, Sister Arthur has come the mission equipped for business with a Bachelor in Business Management and Marketing. She speaks Twi and English, although she may have created her own language as I constantly hear the most random phrases. She repeatedly says: ‘Cheese and Crackers’, ‘Oh no you didn’t’, ‘Excuse You’, ‘Jimmy Christmas’ and ‘Mhmmmmm’.
Also, she frequently says these lines which are absolutely hysterical. For example:
‘I might be boy crazy, but when it comes down to it, I got nothing’. This is the EMM (Eternal Marriage Mission) and the unlocking of hearts is real, but I can assure you all that I do not have the same attitude.
Now, let’s play a game of would you rather.
Would you rather be blind or deaf ? ‘ Deaf, because then I still have eyes to see the beauty of the world. Because I can see people’s faces when they talk to me. Of course, I wouldn’t want either, but if I had to choose. It would make me tone deaf, so I wouldn’t hear beats or bashment, but that is the price I would have to pay. At least I can dress myself and see what I’m wearing. I wouldn’t want to be a fashion disaster, or what they say, a fashion don’t.
Accra or London ?
The thing is they are both great in different ways, but as much as I love the UK, I would always go back to my roots, the motherland, Ghana.
Hair or nails ?
Oh that’s a toughy. Okay, here is what I think. Nails, when you greet somebody you shake their hand and the first thing they see incoming, they see your nails. If they are disgusting they hold your hand at the tip. So you don’t get a handshake, but, when it comes to hair, I mean, it’s the first thing people see when they look at you, but if it’s messy they gonna call you crazy. So, as much as I want to do and claw peoples eyes out ,I would rather do my hair. Let’s face it, before I learned how to do my nails, I was doing my hair.
Singing or dancing ?
Okay lets face it, I’m tone deaf, I don’t have the voice for it. I choose dancing.
I can shake what my mumma gave me, you know.

I can promise that the way you would interpret those answers are exactly how they were expressed. Sister Arthur is strong, bold and sassy, but wears her heart on her sleeve. She will be forever known as my ‘killer’ or my last companion, and let’s be real, if we were in a fight, there is no doubt that she would win.

Anyway, due to the snow, I wasn’t able to give my talk in sacrament meeting, so I’ll just send a glimpse to you all. I was asked to speak on Light the World, however, it was unofficially the subject of all our classes last week. Therefore it was service with a spin.

We know that Christlike service grows out of genuine love for the Savior and of love and concern for those whom He gives us opportunities and direction to help. Love is more than a feeling; when we love others, we want to help them. It is through our service, God’s work is able to be fulfilled and President Spencer W. Kimball explained: “God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs”
When I think of service, I think of the film ‘Pay It Forward’. Short synopsis, a 12-year-old boy called Trevor receives an assignment from his social studies teacher to devise and put into action a plan that will change the world for the better. So, Trevor comes up with a charitable program based on good deeds, called the pay it forward. Which means the recipient of a favour does a favour for three others rather than paying the favour back. Hundreds of people eventually get involved and I attribute it to the church’s campaign. If we all are willing to act, we may never understand the domino effect that it could have.
Although we might not be able to completely change the world, I know that we can light the world through our actions. ‘You can never pay back what Jesus Christ did for us, but you can always pay it forward’.
Much love,

Sister Turnbull




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